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Retargeting with BDING beacons

Beacon is a modern device with the benefit of up to date technologies. These devices via radio frequencies and with the aim of affecting target audiences of different businesses and based on geographical location, sends visual and textual content to smart phones. Each of BDING Beacons, are a small computer and the information set on them is sent by low Energy and smart Bluetooth, Beacon’s range is between 7 and 350 meters and they feed from a small battery. Beacons are able to send any type of targeted content to impress the audience.

What DO We Do

We will provide you so many smart solutions based on our main three technologies :

  • bding point
  • bding play
  • bding pay

Future of BDING

We will always offer new and effective solutions to create a new generation of practical connection between the virtual world and reality, and in this direction, in the near future we will do something new and special. With the extraordinary spread and development of facilities and digital users, businesses also seek to expand their presence in this environment, and each day we are seeing more interaction among users and businesses. The present users, significantly fulfill their needs through smart phones, but they require different applications for doing many of their activities. On the other hand, the presence of businesses in the digital space increases from time to time but the memory capacity of mobile phones are fixed; As a result, users will have no choice but to use a limited number of applications; Also, due to the growth rate of application software, upgrading mobile phones and a higher memory volume will not be fulfilling for the users’ needs. Space limit of mobile phones is considered a great disadvantage for users and businesses. But we in BDING will soon be able to change this situation. Soon the users by being in the geographical location of different businesses without the need to install those businesses’ apps will be able to use the features of these apps. Thus we in the near future with minimal hardware limitations make possible the connection between reality and the digital world.


BDING Products

  • up to 70 meters
  • 24 Months
  • Temp Sensor - Accelerometer
BDING Point Plus
  • up to 350 meters
  • 120 Months
  • Temp Sensor - Accelerometer- 1MB E2PROM
BDING Point - Stickers
  • up to 7 meters
  • 10 Months
  • Temp Sensor
BDING Play Device
  • up to 120 meters
  • 18 Months
  • Temp Sensor
BDING Indoor Mapping
  • 50 cm precision
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Free Hardware Installation
  • For using in personal appas
  • Free SDK
  • One Click Taxi ordering, One Click Shop,...

BDING Application

Would you like to enter the wonderful world of the "Internet of Things" without installing multiple apps? Would you like to be aware of all the discounts nearby, but not at the cost of filling your phone memory? BDING app is your solution! By just installing the BDING application you don’t need to install thousands of apps and this is an exciting start. We ensure that the BDING application will become an inseparable and loving part of your life. Then install the BDING app right now and wait for a wonderful start. But how only by installing BDING apps you can walk to the adventurous world of the "Internet of Things"? Applications can receive information about the geographical location, temperature, text and video content via available beacons. The beacon can be set on one or more different applications. Also, BDING application as a coordinated and efficient destination can be common destination to all of the sent contents. Then by installing the BDING app on your smart phone you can simply be notified of special discount in the nearby stores and be informed of all the information that the Internet of Things offer them.

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